About Me

Sarah, Ben, and HobbesI am a Northern Californian through and through but I have lived in Washington, D.C. for nearly a decade. I’m in the middle of my “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment, working in policy while trying to avoid politics as much as possible.

Growing up, travel really wasn’t a “thing” for my family, but I soon caught the travel bug, and have been making up for lost time ever since. Now it seems like I am always planning my next trip, even before the current one is over. What can I say? I just can’t help myself.

Awhile back, a little voice in my head started telling me that I should start a blog to document my adventures. Normally I shrug off those sorts of crazy ideas, but this particular voice was relentless, so here we are.

This blog’s concept was inspired by my obsession love of trip planning and the frustrating lack of current information, especially food-related, for locations that aren’t the most popular cities. I hope that The Wandering Road will grow to be your trusted guide to where to eat and what to do on your next Great American Road Trip.

These three truths will guide what I do here:

1 – You don’t need to leave the good old USA to have an adventure.
2 – The road less traveled leads to hidden gems, if you know where to look.
3 – Great food is a destination in itself.

I promise to always be honest, to always research destinations meticulously, and to always be edited. You will see my real-life photos and experiences.

I am too old for a quarter-life crisis and too young for a mid-life crisis… so let’s just see where this road takes us, shall we?